Made to measure

Our every project is custom-made and tailored to the client’s needs. Manufactured in Poland with the best materials.

Ever wonder what the
whole process from ordering
to assembling the pergola looks like?


We focus on your needs

During the first contact, we gather preliminary requirements and present you with an initial cost estimate for your investment. The full cost estimate will be provided in subsequent steps.


Measuring visit

The next step is a visit from our specialist, during which we take precise measurements based on your expectations. This is the perfect time to ask additional questions and discuss the details of the project, as well as to become familiar with profile cross-sections and color samples of the structures or fabrics.


Final quote

After consultations with our specialist, you will receive a final estimate that takes into account all the assumptions established during the meeting.


Order placement

Your order is then passed on to our production department. Each structure is manufactured in our modern Polish production hall (over 2,000 m2 of space) to the precise dimensions established during the representative’s visit.



The finished structure is delivered to you and installed by our installation team. We make sure that the installation process goes as quickly as possible while maintaining 100% functional and visual ownership of your dream pergola.


Enjoy your new pergola

Your new pergola is ready to use, and you can fully enjoy the additional comfortable space it provides!

Still have a question?
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